Moving? Finding the Right Mover & Avoiding Scams

If you decide to go with a professional mover, it is vital to do your research ahead of time.  By doing this, you will save yourself lots of heartache and money.  Since deregulation of the industry, there has been lots of competition but with that came the potential for abuse.  There are moving scams out there and if you do not educate yourself ahead of time you may fall victim to them.  A big scam is estimating low and then once they have your goods, the price changes because of ‘increased weight’ or some other ‘unforeseen charges’.  After they have your goods, you are held hostage and must pay the difference to take possession.  Just be very careful of rogue movers or moving brokers, who do not vet their service providers.

Therefore, it is so very important to get referrals, check credentials, verify references and memberships to professional organizations like The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).  I would also check with your Better Business Bureau (BBB) for complaints and ratings.  Further, get the prospective mover’s DOT number and check online at Protect Your Move.  This website is run by the US Department of Transportation.  You will be able to check moving company’s current standing and if there is a history of complaints.  Doing this ahead of time will be worth the effort because you are significantly limited on remedies after the fact.  Due to current legislation, you will be fortunate to get what you’re owed.

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