Moving? Consider Donating Your Food

Moving?  Consider donating your food.  When you move, there are few things you simply can’t take with you, especially when moving greater distances.  These include some cleaning supplies, aerosol containers and flammable materials.  However,the most overlooked is food.  Whether you pack it yourself or have a professional move you, you will have to clean out your fridge and empty out your pantry.

In the past, we would sometimes have a little going away party to use up our food, beer and wine in the fridge. Sometimes, we had no time to spare and we just gave all of what we had away to friends and neighbors.

If you are moving yourself, you will have the most flexibility.  Just keep in mind if you are going to store your goods, you will have to consider the length of time and how perishable your food is.  Another thing to consider is to make sure you pack well to prevent damage and spillage.

Most professional movers will take canned goods and sealed boxed items but not glass jars or opened containers.  So when you are preparing to move, eat most of your supply first.  If life is too hectic and you will not be able to use the goods prior to moving, consider donating your food to a local food bank or this terrific organization called Move for Hunger.  It was founded by Adam Lowy.  While working for his family’s moving company, he saw first hand how much food can be wasted in the midst of a move.  Move for Hunger is now attempting to win a grant on-line.  Please consider voting for Move for Hunger, which will help them to continue their good work.  This is especially timely with the holidays around the corner.  You can help others enjoy their holidays while you get rid of food you can’t take with you.

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