Preparing for a Move? Keep Packing in Mind

Preparing for a move?  Keep in mind packing.  It could save you money. Think about things of value, things you are keeping and thingspacking supplies you don’t need.  If you have not used items since your last move and can’t even remember when you last did, get rid of it.  Sell it online, have a garage sale or donate it.   It is important to note that it is better to part with these things than move them because it will cost you time and money to move them only to donate or give them away after you move.

Once you have weeded through your things, try to quantify them.  This will help you purchase enough packing material.  You may want to consider getting plastic bins for things like winter clothes, holiday decorations and sporting goods.  This way you will have bins you can use to store your things in once you have moved.

When you are packing to move, be sure to put all of your things you need in the same place so you do not inadvertently pack it.  I suggest that you get yourself a clear bin that can hold scissors, packing tape, a small toolset, measuring tape and permanent markers and put it in the same place so you don’t misplace these helpful tools.

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