Moving? Assessing the Right Place for You

Moving? If you are thinking about moving or faced with an upcoming job relocation, you will begin the process of evaluating what type of place will be best for you and your family.  Coming up with this ahead of time will really help you and/or your realtor to hone in on a location that will best suit you.  Often times this is directly associated with your lifestyle.  Are you single or married?  Do you have children or not?  Are you planning on retiring soon or just starting your career?

Think of your priorities ahead of time.  If you are single and just starting your career, do you want to be in an urban environment or would you rather commute from the suburbs?  How much does budget fit into your search?  How important is it to be close to work?  Are you really tied to the social scene?

If you are married and/or have kids, do you want to live in an urban or suburban environment?  Is green space, parks and recreation important to you?  Are you looking for a great school district for your children?  How important is your commute time and are you looking for access to alternative modes of transportation?

If you are retiring, are you looking to ‘down-size’?  Is it important to you to find a tiered living facility?  Are you looking for access to medical facilities and community centers?  Are you looking to be closer to family or reside in a warmer climate?

In any event, ask yourself a bunch of questions before you start your search, this will help you choose what is important to you.  After doing this exercise on paper, you may be surprised on how clear you are on what you want.  This will really help you narrow your focus, which in turn will help you in your search for the right place. For great moving tips, check out MovinGal for more blog posts.

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