Moving with a Pet? Visit Your Vet First

Moving with a pet?  You want to make the time to visit with your vet first.  Moving with pets can be a challenging experience.  Planning ahead will help to make the transition easier on your pet.  Prior to moving out, make suredog in box that you have discussed the move with your vet.  Address any concerns you may have and get his or her professional opinion on the best course of action.  This is so important so that you can prepare accordingly.  You will need to assess the travel readiness of your pet with your vet.  It can be especially difficult on young and older animals.  Further, make sure that all of their vaccinations are current and all prescriptions are filled.  When you are at the vet make sure you get a copy of your pet’s health records.  In those records, make sure you have a copy of their rabies certificate and vaccinations.  By having all of these documents ahead of time, you will be prepared and it will be easier to establish a relationship with a new vet in your new location.

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