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Sense of Community

A sense of community is so important to feel settled.  I was listening to an interview prior to mine on Army Wife Network to talk about my Moving Journal for Kids.  It was an interview with Sarah Smiley talking about her recent book, Dinner with the Smileys.  During her husband’s deployment, she decided to host … [Continue Reading]

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mom and son graduating

Moving for College

Moving for college is an amazing, exciting and scary experience for both the student and parents.  Moving away to college is a rite of passage for most of us and offers fantastic opportunities to grow as a person, meet new people, learn new things and develop a craft or pursue a career.  I have always … [Continue Reading]

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College Freshman girl

Campus Tours

Many parents will be taking their children to campus tours of the colleges they have short listed.  Campus tours are a valuable experience and is worth doing, if it fits into your budget.  First hand experience of the school and community is so important in making the right choice for your college student.  It is … [Continue Reading]

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Waldo Canyon Fire

Emergency Preparedness

With the Black Forest Fire raging in Colorado Springs and The Waldo Canyon Fire fresh in our memory I thought this would be a timely repost. These fires remind us of how important emergency preparedness is.  A great time for emergency preparedness is when you move.  When you are moving, you have to go through … [Continue Reading]

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