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snowmen & christmas trees

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays!!  I wish you a healthy and joyous holiday season.  Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Christmas, my holiday wish is that you are able to celebrate with your family and friends.  If you happen to be moving, please take time for yourself and enjoy the holidays.   Thank you all for your continued … [Continue Reading]

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Acclimating to Cold Weather

Acclimating to cold weather can be challenging.  If you are a ‘hot-house’ flower like myself and grew up in a warm weather environment, moving to a place with cold weather will be a huge adjustment.  The key to making this transition is educating yourself.  You will be COLD! It will feel uncomfortable at first but … [Continue Reading]

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Moving Again

Moving again. Yes, I am moving again and during the holidays, which stinks. As we are in the process of another move, I completely understand the stress, the frustration and trying to hold it together for the family.  My husband took a job in California and we are downsizing.  This will allow the boys and … [Continue Reading]

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steering wheel


I thought this might be a great repost.  Once you have moved, don’t forget your vehicle.  Some places have regulations on the time allotted to get your paperwork in order.  Yes, you may have to make the trek to your local Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV).  But before you roll your eyes, check on-line.  See what … [Continue Reading]

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fall forest

Fall Activities

The best part of moving is that you get an opportunity to experience new things and environments.  I am known to be a ‘hot-house’ flower because I grew up in Hawaii and enjoy the warmth.  However, I have grown to appreciate the change of seasons.  After summer, my favorite season is the fall.  Fall is … [Continue Reading]

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