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Moving Season

The moving season is right around the corner.  So how can you prepare for it?  I may sound like a broken record, but starting as early as possible will make all the difference.  I have learned from my interview with David Macpherson, VP of International Division for JK Moving, that your choices for moving companies … [Continue Reading]

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Moving College Students

OK. So spring break is around the corner.  After the hangover, you return to finish up studies.  Studying, studying and more studying for finals.  Holy ****! You realize that the semester is over and summer is here.  You are now throwing all of your possessions in garbage bags to get out of town hoping it … [Continue Reading]

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Moving? Stay Positive

Moving.  Moving conjures up many negative thoughts. Often times folks would rather have a root canal than move.  Why is that?  Well, most of us are creature of habit.  Further, the thought of displacement is at times overwhelming.  Given all of that, you can set a positive tone for your move.  See it as an … [Continue Reading]

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