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Back to School

It is that time of year when your children head back to school.  For those of you who have just moved recently, this may be the first week that your child attends his or her new school.  Ice cream socials, back-to-school nights and PTO meetings may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially after a … [Continue Reading]

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Moving with Kids

Moving with kids poses challenges, but it can also offer opportunities for growth.  The key to moving with kids is to stay positive.  If you stay positive, they will feel your reassurance.  Here are some great tips to help your kids cope with a move. Communicate.  It is very important to keep the lines of … [Continue Reading]

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Moving Brokers

Knowing the difference between a moving broker and a moving carrier is important and can protect you from a potential moving scam.  Moving brokers are companies that find moving companies that suit your moving needs.  Essentially, they are a service that connects you as a moving customer to the moving carrier.  The get paid a … [Continue Reading]

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Moving Scams

Recently, the ABC show The Lookout featured a story of a couple, named the Rammels, who were victims of a moving scam.  After checking online, the wife, Joanna thought they had found a good moving company.  However, what they did not realize is they found a moving ‘broker’ that was not reputable.  The broker then … [Continue Reading]

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