jury duty

Jury Duty

I hope you are sitting down.  I have finally been a place long enough to actually report to jury duty.  Yesterday, I was very close to being on a jury in a felony case.  Fortunately for my kids, I was three seats away from serving, which meant I could spend spring break with them.  I … [Continue Reading]

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moving family

Finding the Right Interstate Mover

Finding the right interstate movers are key to a successful move.  Moving your furniture through a very long stretch of road is a job for a professional interstate mover. Below are a few precautions they need to take and things you should consider while transporting your belongings between states. Selecting the right interstate removalists (movers) … [Continue Reading]

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moving box

Moving Out

Moving out is always full of mix feelings.  There are some exceptions.  The day you move into your first home is such an exciting and amazing time that it overshadows everything else.  However, as you move from one home to another it can be filled with mixed feelings because of the memories you create there. … [Continue Reading]

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moving boxes

Packing Tips

Even though I am on my twelfth move, I am still in the process of learning and I thought I should pass along some packing tips.  In my last couple of moves, I have had the luxury of having movers pack me.   However, this time I am packing myself and I have been reminded … [Continue Reading]

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