Meet MovinGal


Janet Corniel

Owner. Writer. Founder.
Mother. Author. Mover.

I’m on a mission to calm the chaos of moving because…

Because I’ve been there. I’ve moved across states and I’ve moved across continents. I’ve done DIY moves completely solo, and I’ve managed professional moves with my family. I’ve moved for college and work, for endings and beginnings. I’ve moved baby!

Because I understand. My background in Urban and Regional Planning and experience has taught me the importance of our relationship with community. This connection to community shapes our lives and is the basis of a successful transition. I help people develop healthy relationships with new environments and create places they can truly call home.

Because I know how overwhelming moving can be, and I know how to help. Using my project management skills, I have developed masterful tips and proven techniques to make even the most intimidating move feel like a breeze.

I work with my clients to develop the best plan of action for their move.  I’m not a moving broker.  I’m a moving concierge.  This allows me the opportunity to work hand in glove with my clients.

I thrive on my clients telling me…

“You’re a miracle worker.”

“I couldn’t have done this without you.”

I bring compassion, organization, and wealth of resources to my work. I am an expert in the field of moving because….

I’ve been there.  I understand.  I know how overwhelming it can be.

Ready to find calm in the chaos of moving?

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 Janet Corniel

Janet Corniel brings over two decades of real world moving and planning experience to her work at MovinGal. She has a Masters Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Michigan State University and is AICP Certified by the American Planning Association. Janet’s extensive moving experience includes both domestic and international relocations, totaling fifteen moves in twenty-one years.

Janet combines strong organizational skills, extensive resources, and a deep understanding of the emotional component of moving to help people settle in their new location with the greatest ease. She believes that the connection to community is essential for a successful transition and helps her clients develop this through community resources and support.

It brings her joy to see her clients and their families transition in their new home successfully.  In 2012, she published her Moving Journal for Kids to help them cope with their feelings of displacement.  She created this tool to help parents reconnect with their children through a move based on making these journals for her three sons.

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