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Happy Holidays sign

Happy Holidays!

Have a joyous holiday season!  Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Christmas, my holiday wish is that you have a wonderful time with family and friends.  Even if you are in the midst of a move, I hope that you take time for yourself to enjoy the holiday season.  Thank you all for your comments, … [Continue Reading]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is that time of year when we  have license to eat like a horse, spend time with family and friends and reflect on how thankful we are.  I am very thankful for all of you, who continue to support MovinGal.  I thankful for all of the opportunities that have come from MovinGal.  Also, I … [Continue Reading]

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Moving During the Holidays

I thought it would be perfect timing to repost this. With the holidays fast approaching, I thought it would be important to discuss moving during the holidays.  If you have found yourself facing a move during the holiday season, just keep reminding yourself that it will be challenging, but it will be over soon.  As … [Continue Reading]

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