Moving Tip: Depersonalizing Your Space

When preparing to sell a home, consider ‘depersonalizing’ your space.  What does that really mean?   First, I would start out by reevaluating your space and looking at it with a critical eye. Think about your decor.  Decor to an extreme can be a detriment.  For example, if you are really into southwest decor and you have everything in your house saturated in this style, you could really turn off potential buyers who do not like that at all.  If you like only modern decor, your home could be perceived as cold and not welcoming.  Therefore, when you ‘depersonalize’ your space think about a style of decor that will appeal to a great majority of buyers.  Don’t worry I don’t mean to redecorate everything  just to sell.  Instead, look at your home and start to take out some of your style from the space.  For example, if you have salmon colored walls that fit in your southwest theme, consider repainting to a more neutral tone.  If you have too many accessories or special collections, consider getting a start on your packing.  Leave only a precious few out and pack the rest away.   I know it is unrealistic for you to completely get out of your space while you are still living there.  However, you want to temporarily take it down a notch so that potential buyers can look beyond your stuff and style and see themselves in your space.


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