Moving Tip: Moving with Your Teen or Pre-Teen

Any move with children is difficult. However, I think the older the child is the harder it will be for both of you.  Once a child gets older they have more invested in their friends and community.  What may add to this difficulty is moving at the beginning of the summer.

If you are moving with your teen or pre-teen, finding something positive for them to focus on may help with the transition.  Keeping them busy will be so important.  It may be the time to pull out all the tools in your arsenal.

If your child is into sports, start your research early so that you can make sure that you have time to visit the teams and meet the deadlines.  If your child is looking to get their license, you could look into summer driver programs.  If your child is old enough to work, help them find employment opportunities.

It is important to know that your child will have their moments and you will need to help them through it.  Keeping the lines of communication open will be critical.  Helping your child keep up with family and friends they left behind will also help with the transition.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, another great tool is getting him or her a journal.  This will allow them an outlet to vent their feelings without fear.  Allow your child to use technology to help them continue communicating with those they left behind.  Skype is a great tool.  Depending on the age and maturity of your child, social media sites may also offer them just the right place to keep up with friends and family.

In any event, it will be a challenge.  Your child will be looking for social outlets and connections.  Therefore, the more you facilitate interaction with other kids their age will help.  It will be so important to start your research before you arrive so that you can provide them with opportunities to make friends in their new area once you get there.  This will help them get through the summer and start school with some kids they know.  As long as you stay positive your child will feel it and it will help them keep a positive attitude.


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