Moving Tip: Extra-Curricular Activities Will Help Your Child Make New Friends

After you have moved and have begun to settle into your new life, your child will begin to navigate his/hers new environment and extra-curricular activities are a great way for them to make new friends.  School is a great start for your children to begin to meet other kiddos.  However, they may still be searching for more.  You should consider having a chat with your child and find out what is something that they are really interested in and help them pursue it.  These extra-curricular activities could be anything from sports to band.  It may be the chess club or forensics.  Either way, help cultivate these interests.  It may provide another outlet and way for your child to connect with other children with similar interests.

The transition into your new life elsewhere is a process.  The more options available to expand new interests and connections, the easier your child will be able to settle in and find some great friends that have the same things in common.

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