Know the Holiday Hours of All Involved in Your Move

sorry we are closed signIf you are moving during the holidays, buckle up.  It will be filled with highs and lows but just remember it is temporary.  The important thing I want you to keep in mind is find out about the holiday schedules of all of those involved in your move.  If you are buying a home, find out when the closing is scheduled and if there are holiday hours you need to consider.  This is so important for the timing of wiring money or preparing for escrow.  It is definitely worth the time to find out these details from your realtor.

If you are renting in a complex, find out if they have holiday hours or restrictions on moving.  You do not want to find yourself out in the cold because you were not aware of them.  If you have hired a moving company, familiarize yourself with their holiday hours.  Trust me.  Speaking from experience, you do not want to have a holiday ruin your move in date because you timed it wrong and have to buy inflatable mattresses and beach towels to sleep in a completely empty apartment.  Not too comfortable…..nothing like unpacking with a stiff neck…..

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