What!?! It Gets How Cold in This Town!?!

winter windshieldBurr!! For all of you hot-house flowers out there, if you are moving to the cold, I will not sugar coat it.  It will be an adjustment.  Moving from Hawaii to Michigan for graduate school was a huge learning experience for me.  I had no idea what I was in for when it came to driving, clothing and getting around in the snow.  Although that was years ago, I still remember how it took me time to really understand life in cold weather.  I had to familiarize myself with the basics of driving in snow and ice. I had to learn about the ‘right’ winter coat for the temperature.  I quickly realized that boots were so important to the health of my feet.  Hats and gloves were not merely fashion accessories.

So learn from my mistakes.  Take the time to learn about the weather conditions of your new town.  Speak to neighbors and friends about what to expect.  Get the right equipment for snow removal and driving in the snow.  For example, you need to get a certain type of window washing fluid in cold temperatures instead of just water which will freeze.  In certain areas of the country, where temperatures routinely hover below zero in the winter, block heaters may be in order.  This is really important if you have a diesel engine because diesel will gel in very cold temperatures.  A little research and discussing the weather conditions with your new friends will help you make the transition and prepare you for the onslot of winter. Stay warm!

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