Moving in the New Year

happy new year

happy new year

Moving in the New Year?  I’m sure a majority of you are still manhandling the Christmas tree down and trying to figure out what to do with the holiday decorations.  Before you start throwing things down in your basement and think, “We’re moving anyway.  I’ll get to this later.”  I want to encourage you to deal with it now.  It’s like that fruitcake your Aunt Margie gives you every year.  It’s not going to miraculously taste any better if you wait and you will still end up pitching it in March, so why not deal with it now and save yourself the grief.

As you take down your ornaments, take the time to wrap them up and store them in a sturdy container.  Take the time to throw away any that are broken and have lost their luster.  If the holiday lights have lost their twinkle, get rid of them.  Being proactive now will end up saving you in the long run.  I encourage my clients to take action when it’s in front of you.  You are more apt act, than if you procrastinate.  Ask yourself this very important question as you take the holiday decorations down, “Do I want to pay to move this?”  If your answer is no, sell, donate or pitch it.

Just remember a little extra work now, while you have to do it anyway, will help you out.  You’ll be glad when you don’t have to deal with Christmas in July as the movers arrive.

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