Tips for Selling Your Home

Tips for selling your home can make a difference in a quick sale.  Most tips and advice deal with the bricks and mortar of the home.  For example:

  1. Depersonalize. In order optimize the appeal of your home to most buyers, depersonalizing hits the mark every time.  This allows potential buyers to see themselves in your home.  This connection is a powerful force, which will drive the buyer tScreen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.01.22 PMo make an offer.
  2. Fix it. If it is broken, fix it.  Most buyers do not want to deal with repairs when they purchase a home.  It will take a great deal of financial obligation to get in the home, so they do not want the additional expense or effort to deal with repairs.  That being said, there are buyers who are looking for fixers, but it will cost you.  Those buyers are looking for a deal and are keen negotiators.
  3. Trim it.  If it’s overgrown, trim it.  Your home should welcome a buyer, not provide an entrance to a spooky movie.  You want your buyers to feel comfortable from the minute they arrive at your address.  Large overgrown and messy lawns do not give that impression.
  4. Declutter.  If your house is a mess and full of stuff, it will not show well.  The best assets of your home, which make it marketable will not be on display.  Therefore, to maximize potential offers, make the effort to weed out your things.  Keep in mind this is a great exercise to prepare for your forthcoming move.

As I see it, the most important factor is seeing your home as a commodity.  This is a huge mental shift that you as the seller must do in order to really prepare your home and yourself for the sale.  It will be the driving force behind all other tasks to sell.  Keep in mind that the minute you list your home, it is not yours.  You are putting it up for sale.  This may seem obvious, but the more memories you have in it, make it more challenging, especially if this is the home your grew up or the home you raised your children.  These sentimental feelings will make it harder to separate.  I suggest you take photos and videos of the home before you prepare it for sale.  This way you will have a way to fondly remember and reminisce.

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