Moved with the Kids? Now, Back to School

Back to school

Moved with the kids? Now, it’s back to school for most of us.  However, if you have just recently moved with your kiddos, it may be a great time to check in and keep the lines of communication open.  A new school will pose some challenges for your kids to navigate.  They will be missing old friends and making new ones.  They will be learning how to fit into their new environment and understanding how everything works.  Keep in mind that kids, like adults handle stress differently.  One child may be quiet and the other may misbehave.  One may want lots of attention, while the other may want their space.  Age and experience will play a factor.  This is why it is so important to discuss their feelings and help them navigate the process.

Connecting with your kids will enable you to spot trouble in time. There are many ways to connect with your kiddos.  From family game night to journals (check out my Moving Journal for Kids) they all help you give an opportunity to communicate. If your child seems to be struggling, get help.  Moving is one of the top three most stressful life experiences along with death and divorce.  Therefore, it may make a greater impact on your child then you may have expected.  So check in.  Communicate.  Love on them.  This will strengthen your ties with your child and help them through the process or identify if they need help.  Remember the more positive and self-assured you are, your kids will feel more secure.  Use the opportunity of the move to bring your family together.

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